kinder MODERN is the only gallery worldwide specializing in vintage child design of the 20th century and inventive, contemporary design objects, furniture, and accessories. Lora Appleton, founder and creative director, is the creative force behind kinder MODERN and her meticulous curatorial work and nuanced collections are key to the gallery’s success. Appleton’s ability to identify and cultivate emerging talent has singlehandedly enabled her to create a new niche in the over­-saturated world of high design, one that melds iconic vintage pieces with fresh and fierce contemporary design work.

The kM Historical Modern Collection includes rare design pieces dating from the 1920s-1980s, each item curated and sourced based on its historical significance, craftsmanship, and innovation in materiality and design. Pieces include furniture by iconic design masters such as Hans Wegner, Ko Verzuu, Isamu Noguchi, Jean Louis Avril, and Alvar Aalto, drawn from significant periods of design production in Europe and North America.

With a playful approach steeped in fantasy, kinder MODERN has carved the path for contemporary child design through collaborations with established and emerging product and furniture designers. With kinder’s direction, these talented designers apply their creative thinking to the needs of children and families. The kM Contemporary Collection includes thought-provoking “few-of-a-kind” luxury children’s furniture, lighting, and accessories that fill a unique need in design for the family home. Current collections include furniture by Lucas Maassen & Sons, Philippe Nacson, Michael Yates, WINTERCHECK FACTORY®, Guillaumit, Clemens Tissi, Chen + Kai, and Matthew Sullivan, among others. These small batch production pieces showcase kinder’s dedication to hand crafted, quality furniture and highlight what we feel most passionately about: function, form, creative materiality, and innovative design.

In addition to working with top international furniture and product designers, kM launched kinder GROUND, an award-winning luxury modular and area rug line at ICFF in 2014. Led by Appleton, the line has since expanded its reach to public projects, amenities spaces, and collaborations with major brands. studiokinder, kM's own design studio, debuted in February 2017 with the Heritage Collection, a multi-functional collection of furniture for children. studiokinder focuses on designing and producing beautiful and functional furniture, objects, and interactive public spaces for children of all ages.

After the gallery’s debut at New York City's Collective Design fair in 2013, led by Appleton and founding partner Bachman Clem, kinder MODERN has continued to lead the conversation in child design through innovative exhibitions and thought ­provoking dialogue. kinder MODERN has sold both historical and contemporary pieces to the esteemed Brooklyn Museum, prominent private collectors and collections; exhibited at ICFF, the Architectural Digest Design Show, Sight Unseen OFFSITE, IDS Toronto, PULSE New York; and has had items featured in The Shop at Cooper Hewitt, Barney’s New York, and Grey Area's summer 2014 show at Glenn Horowitz in East Hampton.  kinder MODERN’s summer 2016 exhibition with Miami's Nina Johnson Gallery (formerly Gallery Diet), Wrap Your Arms Around Me, explored the ways in which children, small in size, but large in our lives, are both literally and metaphorically embraced, contained, and surrounded by the objects and people they encounter.