Fort Makers at kM

We’re excited to add these gorgeous Sculptural Building Blocks to the kM collection. Designed by Noah Spencer of Fort Makers in Brooklyn, NY, this walnut set is a great way to create a tiny, sculptural installation with your little one and add a playful element to a bookshelf or side table. (Please note: adult supervision is advised, as these blocks are a bit heavy!) Fort Makers is a Bauhaus-inspired artist collective focused on producing functional and interactive art, both small- and large-scale, that aims to create “a three-dimensional and immersive, visual world.” Noah Spencer mentored under furniture design greats, including Patrick Townsend, Paul Loebach, and Uhuru Design. He is inspired by the mountains and forests of his childhood home near Boulder, CO.  

Sculptural Building Blocks. Noah Spencer / Fort Makers. $350.