Write On

Write on, dude! We're super excited about one of our newest collaborations with designer Michael Garman of Houston, Texas. With a strong focus on the simple and the functional, Garman strives to create pieces that are playful and interactive, but still maintain a high level of design. He uses basic geometric shapes, seamless surfaces, and clean finishes to show where art meets architecture. In 2015, his Felt Mirror received the award for best prototype at Toronto’s Interior Design Show. It is this piece that inspired his new collaboration with kM, Write On. Write On, available as as a whiteboard or a blackboard, is sophisticated and functional, perfect for the home, office, dorm room, and beyond.

Write On. Michael Garman. The Woodlands, Texas, 2015. Whiteboard or blackboard, felt. $350. Email design@kindermodern.com to order yours today!