When designing kids' spaces, we love a simple, chic, black-and-white color scheme. A monochromatic room always looks good and, most importantly, lets the child "paint" the room with a vivid and colorful imagination! Check out some of our current favorites from the kM collection and beyond:

-Open Your Eyes by Shantell Martin

-Petite Vegas Star Light from Design Life Kids

-The Razzle from Union Surfboards

-Ibis Chair & Amalgam Shelf by Material Lust for kinder MODERN

-Lunaris Midnight & Willow Celeste Wallpaper by Calico Wallpaper

-Perimeter Mirrors by Jonathan Nesci at Patrick Parrish Gallery 

-Batik Decorative Letters from Urban Outfitter's Plum & Bow Collection

-Write On Chalk or White Board by Garman Furniture for kinder MODERN

-Tisch Stuhl Haus Kreide by Clemens Tissi for kinder MODERN

-High Contrast Cube Bin from The Land of Nod

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