kM in the News!

We were super thrilled to get some great press love this past week! 

David Keeps featured our Bear Table by Alexander Kanygin and Sheep/Bambi Chairs by Elements Optimal in a piece for Coast Magazine on bringing the "outside in" for little ones. Keeps wrote: “No animals were harmed in the making of the Bambi Chair, a kid-size chair with painted hoof feet, antler-shaped back, and a faux fawn fur seat. Designed by Takeshi Sawada and produced in Copenhagen by Elements Optional, it is sold in the U.S. through Kinder MODERN. Russian architect and product designer Alexander Kanygin specializes in toys and furniture including this geometric walnut veneer Bear Table. Woodsy, yet thoroughly modern, the 31-inch long design also doubles as a play surface and a bench.” - "Outside In," Coast Magazine 

Janelle Zara of the Wall Street Journal called out Material Lust for kinder MODERN's bold monochromatic Fictional Furniture collection, as well kinder GROUND's modular collection in an article about decorating better kids bedrooms! Zara wrote: "Ms. Larson [of Material Lust] is also partial to works by Kinder MODERN, for whom she and her partner recently designed a line of black-and-white children’s furniture based on Egyptian hieroglyphics; Kinder MODERN’s new line of modular carpeting for kids rooms [kinder GROUND], which features interlocking geometric shapes in an array of vibrant colors, is another favorite." - "4 Ways to Decorate Better Kids' Bedrooms," The Wall Street Journal

Thanks all!