New at kM: 406 Play Set

WINTERCHECK FACTORY®’s Children’s Work Set for kinder MODERN is a derivative work from their Collection 400, featuring industrial rubber as the visual influence. This flexible polyurethane rubber is typically used for manufacturing gaskets and belts. Wentrcek and Williams chose this material for its striking resemblance to amber and tactile similarities to medical rubber, finding that in the context of furniture is at once familiar and alien.

WINTERCHECK FACTORY® is Kristen Wentrcek and Andrew Zebulon Williams. Located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, the studio designs and fabricates an in-house furniture line, as well as project specific installations. Uniting both traditional and unconventional materials, the designs reference industrial objects, translating them into sculptural forms. WINTERCHECK FACTORY® has previously exhibited their designs at Sight Unseen OFFSITE, ICFF and have been featured in AD Germany, Real Simple, New York Magazine, and Wired. They designed custom furniture and modular shelving for The-Hillside flagship menswear store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn as well as designed and manufactured custom products for BEAMS in Japan.