kM @ Gallery Diet

kM was thrilled to open our new exhibition this past weekend in Miami. Wrap Your Arms Around Me is a collaborative presentation of vintage and contemporary children’s furniture and design curated by kinder MODERN and Miami’s esteemed Gallery DietWrap Your Arms Around Me examines the ways in which children, small in size, but large in our lives, are both literally and metaphorically embraced, contained, and surrounded by the objects and people they encounter. Contemporary design by acclaimed international designers is displayed alongside pieces of historical significance from the 1940s to the 1980s and paintings by artists Michael Clifford and Nates HeigesWrap Your Arms Around Me is Miami’s premiere child design exhibit and we have been honored to receive amazing support from the local community and international press. Visit our website to see the show’s one-of-a-kind historical vintage items and beautiful new contemporary work, notably Sarit Shani Hay’s playful crocodile, Philippe Nacson’s delightful Mini Ant chair, and Lucas Maassen’s thought-provoking Le Chaise/La Chaise limited edition chairs.