cody hoyt + kinder modern

Artist Rug Collection

kinder MODERN launches the first in the kM Artist Rug Collection with renowned American ceramicist, Cody Hoyt. His unique process-based approach leads to mesmerizing and beautiful explorations in material, pattern, and color, most recently in non-traditional clay vessels. kM’s material translation of Hoyt’s work into off-geometric rugs manifests as true art for the floor, preserving and enhancing the stunning visuals of the original object in a disparate new material. The exquisite rug collection appears other-worldly; the marbled, strata-like patterns alluding to the earth’s topography or sediment, while others reference the repetitive waves of an animal’s coat. Made from 100% hand-tufted New Zealand wool, each rug features light high and low cut carpet pile that accentuates the patterns’ subtle details and preserves their serene flow.

As specialists in creating distinct designs that transition from functional pieces to heirloom objets d’art, kinder MODERN is thrilled to launch this collection with Cody Hoyt in an engaging and exceptional transformation of work. kM continues to support and develop gifted designers and craftsmen to ensure the highest quality of production in all things: rugs, furniture, and objects for the family home.

                                                      COSMOS                                                                                                                             RAY                                                   

                                                        BANNER                                                                                                                            VIV