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Inspired by a love of geometry, building blocks, and the angular designs of mid-century furniture, kinder GROUND’s unique modular collection turns everyone into designers; encouraging parents, design lovers, and kids of all ages to compose and curate super fun, colorful rugs for their family home. 

By deconstructing traditional rug sizes and shapes, kinder GROUND Modular facilitates an innovative, fresh approach to designing area rugs, runners, and wall-to-wall carpeting for any aesthetic. Constructed to create seamless connections between designs, the collection features a gender-neutral pop palette that speaks to both children and adults.

Thirty-seven dierent styles of Hexagons, Diamonds and Triangles interact within each shape to create endless configuration possibilities, of which only a few examples are shown here. Any modular composition can also be made into an single rug.

All styles are customizable in bespoke color combinations, drawn from the ARS color system.


Modular STYLES     


      Triangle - Maze                              Triangle - Tangerine Maze


                        Triangle - Tangerine/Cotton Candy Split            Triangle - Thunder/Sky Split                                       


                            Triangle - Thunder/Cotton Candy Split     Triangle - Grass Circle Dot Blind


                             Triangle - Tangerine Circle Dot Blind       Triangle - Sky Circle Dot Blind


                          Triangle - Cotton Candy Circle Dot Blind     Triangle - Lilac Circle Dot Blind


      Diamond - Owl Eyes                          Diamond - Stripe


Diamond - Thunder Zebra                Diamond - Scallop


                       Diamond - Cotton Candy/Tangerine Split            Diamond - Sky/Thunder Split