lucas maassen

Lucas Maassen is a Dutch artist and designer based in Eindhoven. He has exhibited at Design Miami, MoMA, and Saloni, and been featured in Architectural Record, ELLE Women, and Wallpaper*. Other recent projects and exhibitions include THE SITCOM!,Valerie, My Crystal Sister, and Singing Chair

Maassen has employed his three sons, Thijme (12), Julian (10), and Maris (10) to work for him in their own family “furniture factory,” title Lucas Maassen & Sons, in which he designs and produces the furniture the children then paint. Due to Dutch child labor laws, the boys are only permitted to work for three hours each week, creating their signature painting aesthetic out of a consideration for production speed. LM&S premiered their first collection with kinder MODERN in 2013.

The newest iteration of Lucas Maassen & Sons, launched at Collective 3 in May 2015, explores what it means to be a “designer” at any age, delving deeper into Maassen’s exploration of Nature vs. Nurture, exploring both the genetic, i.e. inherited, talent in design vs. acquired talent or learned development through education, influence, and parentage.