michael yates

Brooklyn-based designer and artisan Michael Yates has been producing custom, limited-edition, and production furniture and objects since 2003. In addition to his ever-expanding production furniture offerings (including the award-winning Giacomo rocking chair), his adult portfolio includes custom residential furniture, exhibition spaces, restaurant and other commercial furniture, and architectural installations. The engineer-turned-woodworker's studio has earned a reputation as a go-to resource for elegant and thoughtful design, as well as unwavering standards of craftsmanship. All work is produced by Michael and his team of craftsmen, both in Brooklyn and in his primary production shop in Austin, TX.

It is Michael's dedication to craftsmanship that first attracted kinder MODERN to his work. The Rolling Desk combines his thoughtful and flawless execution with his commitment to accessible design. Like all of Michael’s work, each hand-crafted desk is destined for a long-life and unique journey as it transitions from a practical addition in a child’s space to a treasured family heirloom.