studiokinder is a design studio focused on designing and producing beautiful and functional furniture, objects, and interactive public spaces for children of all ages. spearheaded by principal designer lora appleton, studiokinder fills the void in handcrafted quality furniture for little ones (ages 2-16) and their grown-ups.

studiokinder’s mission is to investigate the development of a growing child’s mind and body and translate those needs into functional luxury furniture for play, work, and study. by highlighting not only the child’s direct needs, but those of the family as a whole, studiokinder has created an innovative collection of furniture and objects that can be used together or separately throughout a child’s primary education and well into maturity; each piece an heirloom intended to be repurposed throughout the home over many years.

through nuanced and dynamic curatorial work, studiokinder’s parent company, kinder MODERN (kM), has single-handedly crafted the contemporary child design landscape and curated one of the best historical vintage child furniture collections in the world. as the go-to brand for exceptional child design of the past, present, and future, kM has exhibited one-of-a-kind collections and now, through studiokinder, further identifies the key design needs of children and families and creates sophisticated solutions to fill them.