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Liz Collins x WW3 


WW3 (Warp Weft 3) is a new textile project by Liz Collins, Jeffrey Walkowiak, and Michael Sharkey, producing hand-woven floor coverings and architectural screens. The sculptural pieces are created using the rudimentary "pot holder" weaving technique on a large-scale loom with knit fabric yardage. The rugs’ tactile quality provides cushioned support, a massage-like experience, and is fitting for a variety of spaces. When rolled or folded the rugs easily double as seating, bolsters, or futon-like sleeping surfaces.

WW3 was inspired by Collins' long standing career as a multi-disciplinary textile artist who reimagines traditional textile techniques to create non-conventional art objects, interior textiles, and installations. She came together with Walkowiak, a visual artist professional and weaver, and Sharkey, a photographer and filmmaker, to combine their unique aesthetics in this visually stunning and playfully practical project.