brett douglas hunter

Photo by Brett Warren

JUNE 2018

Brett Douglas Hunter is a Nashville-based artist whose newest body of work incorporates figurative, sometimes fantastical forms into sculptural objects and furniture. A selection of his colorful, whimsical pieces in papercrete is now available through kinder MODERN. 


Growing up in Illinois in a family of self-taught artists and folk-art collectors, Brett was inspired and encouraged to explore the world inhabited by the creatures and characters that filled his imagination. His creative process is intuitive, letting the medium inform the work's progress as he goes. Ideas are often continuations of childhood drawings, and the sculptures result from "playing with new materials and letting whatever happens happen," according to Brett.


He recently brought a zoo-ful of his Aminal sculptures to the 2018 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Tennessee. Brett's weird, wonderful work embodies an otherworldly playfulness that fits right in at kinder MODERN!