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Chen Chen and Kai Williams are a New York-based designers pushing material limits in the development and creation of furniture, products, and materials. Their work has been featured at the Museum of Art and Design, Design Days Dubai, and the Venice Architecture Biennale. Chen and Williams produce a broad spectrum of unique studio pieces and are known for their extensive material exploration, range, and nonstandard production methods. 

Chen Chen + Kai Williams for kinder MODERN at PULSE MIAMI BEACH 2016

"Our starting point is always material. The materials in this project; homasote and fiberglass sheets, are not normally designed to be seen or touched. However, molded fiberglass chairs with steel frames were a mid century icon, so we decided to use the flat panels of fiberglass to create new forms. Additionally, we really wanted to channel some of original detailing of the pieces in the kinder MODERN collection. We accomplished this by casting our own shock mounts, using bronze braising instead of more typical welding, and machining our own hardware." - Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Chen Chen and Kai Williams for kinder MODERN was inspired by traditional modernist design education, which began in the post-kindergarten era, as avant-garde designers created new forms in furniture and toys, hoping to stimulate imaginations and create the society of the future by playing with line, plane, and volume. Additionally, their own formal training at the prestigious Pratt Institute, their daily studio experimentation practice, and Williams parents' original production of a homasote chair for a museum show on design for living all influenced the collection directly. With this experimental collection of their own, Chen and Williams expose and examine the original handcraft and distinct forms that have shaped the material world of today’s child.