Before transitioning to ceramics, Brooklyn-based Cody Hoyt trained as a printmaker and a painter. His process-based approach leads to fascinating and beautiful explorations in material, pattern, and color, most recently in clay. He has had two solo shows at Patrick Parrish gallery in New York City, and has also been featured at the Collective design fair and Design Miami. Hoyt prides himself on his non-traditional process and takes inspiration from a wide range of art, design, and literature. 

When working with Lora Appleton of kinder MODERN to create his Artist Rug Collection, he considered the formative experiences of childhood. “Children are impressionable in a way that allows the tactile, formal, and aesthetic properties of the objects around them to leave bedrock impressions on their personalities. Kids growing up in creative homes will interact with arguably more impressionable things, whether it's art or furniture, architecture or literature. I think this is the central assumption with kinder MODERN’s purpose, and it's also the attitude I take with my own work. I try to leave an impression on a viewer who may be more developed but not immune to that kind of 'primary' experience. Translating a rigid sculpture into a broader, more inviting sensory experience is a logical and exciting evolution for my work regardless of a viewer's age or sophistication. The fundamental nature of interacting with pattern, color and tactility is inspiring,” Hoyt said.