Mini Pyramid - Mixe Patterns (1).jpg
kinder GROUND

Mini Pyramid - Mixed Patterns


kinder GROUND

Configuration: Mini Pyramid
Style: Cubist, Swizzle & Kaleidoscope
Shape: Hexagon (3 pieces)
Material: 100% New Zealand Wool
Backing: Cotton/EcoNet™
Pile Height: 1''

Size: 67'' W x 72'' H

Lead time 2-4 weeks for samples if not in stock
Lead time 10-12 weeks for rugs

kinder GROUND modular carpet is available in three shapes and 37 signature styles. Visit the kinder GROUND website to learn more, or email to speak with a design expert about your modular carpet needs.

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Mini Pyramid - Mixe Patterns (1).jpg
Mini Pyramid - Mixe Patterns.jpg