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Long Marshmallow Stool - Peach Princess


Paul Ketz
Contemporary, Germany, 2018
Polyurethane Foam (non-toxic), Steel
H 30.75 in, W 14.5 in, D 14.5 in

Each stool is unique as there is no mold used. The foam expands through the metal structure.

Available colors: CHOCO DRIP (ivory/brown); ICEBERG (chrome/light blue); FETISH BLACK (black/black); MOONFLOWER (pearl violet/ivory)

The Long Marshmallow Stool is also available in all the same colors as the standard MARSHMALLOW STOOL:
 LICORICE: (black/grey); MINT: (white/green); TENNISLOVE: (chrome/yellow)FETISH BLACK: (black/black); YETI GLUE: (chrome/green); FEVER RED: (red/red); COCO CLASSIC: (chrome/white); PLUM: (orange/purple); SUGARPINK: (blue/pink)

Lead time 6-8 weeks

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