USM +kM / An Inspired Connection

Minuteman Mini Planter


Diego Faivre

mini planter 1/1
H 3 in, W 3.5 in, D 3.5 in

Does not include the plant

Diego contributed a full office series of his minute manufacturing for the USM + kM collaboration. We featured these on the USM Mega Desk, a mixed age 4 station desk (both sit & stand) as part of an Inspired Connection.

Diego Faivre is a french designer who graduated from Man and Leisure at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018. Currently based in the Netherlands, Faivre’s design practice aims to intertwine a dialogue between seriousness, absurdity and poetry. His Minute manufacturing initiative uses his ‘Diego-Dough’ to cover furniture and objects and is an enterprise inspired by Faivre’s previous experience as a blue collar worker, where every action was meticulously calculated, recorded and assessed.

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