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Heritage Collection




kinder MODERN debuted two exciting new collections at the Architectural Digest Design Show 2017: the studiokinder Heritage Collection and the Cody Hoyt Artist + Lora Appleton Rug Collection.

A study in form, the Heritage Collection was the first “mini” furniture collection from studiokinder, our in-house design studio. It includes three multifunctional pieces: the Heritage Sit, the Heritage Flip, and the Heritage Perch. The pieces are designed to work as a trio or individually, and are available in three finishes: hard maple and copper, color pigmented laquer maple and copper, and charred white ash and brass.  

Cody Hoyt + Lora Appleton is the first kM Artist Rug Collection and consists of four hand-tufted 100% New Zealand Wool rugs in highly graphic, asymmetric shapes. American ceramicist Cody Hoyt's unique process-based approach leads to mesmerizing and beautiful explorations in material, pattern, and color, most recently in non-traditional clay vessels. kM’s translation of Hoyt’s work manifests as true art for the floor, preserving and enhancing the stunning visuals of the original object in an unexpected new material.